October 2020 - Who would have thought it!  We are now on our 6th issue of  our newsletter which has been renamed "Staying Connected" to reflect the new challenges we face, and will be on its way out to members shortly by email and will be hand delivered to those who don't have internet access. 


Our Tea in the Garden events have come to an end, but we are hoping (weather permitting) to hold small group Coffee & Chestnut gatherings in members' gardens over the coming weeks.

22 Knitted Teddies were delivered to the Dorchester Royal Voluntary Services and a supply of our "comfort" cushions, drainage bags and seatbelt pads were delivered to the MacMillan Nurses in Dorchester.  Take a look at our "Helping Hands" page for more details.

In case you've missed it,  our "About" page now has a link (at the bottom of the page) to our new "Makers' Gallery" .

We may not be having WI meetings but it does not mean that we have not been busy.  Take a look at how we have been supporting West Dorset Scrubbers and the local NHS during Lockdown.

Update as of 18 June 2020

Well we have come to the end of the scrubs!  700 were cut by West Dorset Scrubbers and the final total of 85 is outstanding.

Totals now stand at

Scrubs      90

Wash bags      1158

Knitted mask bands     173


Ladies, you should feel very proud - this is an amazing achievement from a relatively small WI. 

Special thanks go to Tish, Lynne and Julia who have worked hard over the past couple of months sewing and organising a group of over 40 sew-ers from several villages.