Our Centenary  1919 - 2019

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The Flower that Never Dies

This poem was written for Chideock WI to celebrate our Centenary by Tony Fuller, local poet and husband of our dear Pam.

There is a flower in our village

That forever seems to grow

Planted as a few small seeds

One hundred years ago

Grown in love and laughter

(the fertiliser and the earth)

It blossoms, then we really see

Its value and its worth.

If you would know this flower’s name

Ask any passer by

They will tell you in an instant

It’s “Chideock’s WI”

For they spread hope and happiness

And joy the whole year through

Then by these kind and thoughtful acts

A little magic too.

Raising funds for many things

That make our lives worthwhile

And every penny that is raised

They raise it with a smile.

These women are so special

In everybody’s eyes

That is why they will always be